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Hair Inspiration: What Inspires Your New Look?

There are times when I get hair inspiration block, yes it happens to the best of us. When I do draw a blank on my next weave, I look to top-notch hair blogs and social media pages. Check out some of my faves:

Hair By Bobby: He is a NY based stylist, who’s full sew-ins and lace front closures give me life. I mean this is pure perfection. If you check his Instagram account, he often offers local tutorials and classes. So for all my stylist friends, I recommend you check him out too.


Ms_Willaworld: I love her page because she always keeps the installs super cute and colorful. Purple is my favorite color, so I will def have to try something like this.


Hairbylatise: What I like about her page is that she provides a diverse portfolio of weave and natural dos, appealing to more than one type of customer. Maybe one day I will work up the courage to rock a short-do like this one. What y’ll think?


If you like taking risks and want a bold new look, check out TheCutLife. Now, this is not for the shy nor faint at heart. This is where edgy meets trendy and hangs out with fearless. You will get your dose of hair inspiration needs for sure.


Y’ll know i love to rock my braids every now and again. So check out BraidsGang. The breadth of looks shown here is endless.


Let’s keep it going. Where do you get #hairinspired?

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