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Super Woman by Night

“SuperWoman by Night” has everything to do with my beautiful kids and has nothing to do with fighting crime. Although I may not be fighting crime, I am definitely fighting the urge to run and hide in a corner – LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. They mean everything to me and are the reason why I hustle so hard during the day (by hustling I mean working hard at my place of employment and not doing illegal activities). The other reason I hustle so hard, which is totally unrelated to this blog post, is because I want to retire rich someday 💰💰💰but back to the subject at hand, my kids.

Parenting is not easy and there is no manual. Every child is different so there is no one size fits all. When I think about raising my kids, I think about how I want them to be portrayed in this world and how to teach them to give back. This thinking and teaching begin at home. I teach my kids to be good to each other and to themselves, have each other’s back, be respectful, stand up for what they believe in and to be proud of who they are and most importantly, show love! These are the characteristics I believe will make them great individuals, while also making this world a better place.

Now, to meet my kids.

My daughter, Kamaiyah, is a beautiful juxtaposition of an introverted extrovert, which is totally dependent on who she is with. At the age of 4, I knew that her calling was in arts and culture. She can always be found doing flips, pirouette’s, The Quan, and/or playing Just Dance with her aunt. She’s known at school as the social butterfly who “loves everyone”. She loves her teachers and friends so much she loves to give them hugs and kisses on the cheek. Unfortunately, I’ve had to tell her that not everyone understands what your hugs and kisses mean. She now understands that she can still show love using her words or giving people a big smile.

When it comes to her brother, she’s very protective. Anytime he cries, falls down, hurts himself, and/or finds himself in trouble, she’s right there giving me parenting advice: “Mommy what’s wrong with Ke’aun…mommy don’t yell at him…mommy is he ok? I think he needs a popsicle to feel better”.  She’s a gem ❤

My son, a soon to be 2-year old who launched into terrible 2’s at the age of 1, is very territorial. He loves his mama and won’t let anyone, including his dad, bother me lol. He’s also very empathetic, just like his sister. Whenever his sister is reaping the benefits of getting in trouble, he runs to her side and immediately offers comfort. He hugs her, wipes her tears and I’m very proud of that! Since his first word was “ball”, he can always be found playing catch and throwing any circular object in the air.

My main purpose in life (I was joking about becoming rich) is to teach my children how to love everyone, be respectful, while also being proud of who they are. I want the love they have for each other to translate and change the way this world thinks of others. By starting at home and teaching them to be responsible not only for themselves and others, I know, they will make a difference.

As you can tell, I’m a proud mama bear!

About Danisha

Welcome to Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish focuses on the essence and experiences of Danisha Lomax. In true career-mom fashion, she balances being the mother and Spirit Guide to her daughter Kamaiyah and son Ke'aun, while also being a Marketing leader in the corporate advertising space for over a decade. While she enjoys learning new things (yes, she is a polymath), she has a passion for coaching professionals to authentic self-expression. Danisha is continuously seeking to understand so that she can advocate for women and children of color, her community, and young professionals.

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