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Weights, Coffee, and Beyonce

You already know about my hair expression and it’s a very big deal. Yet there are a few other things on my cannot live without list: the weights, the coffee, and my Beyonce stan membership. Let’s begin with the weights.

The physical act of lifting weights mirrors my bad-ass personality. I am strong and can move weight, literally. Lifting also helps me channel my energy. While deadlifting I am mentally moving out anxious energy and bringing in my will to do. It’s a little bit of a dated study but in 2010 the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine found that resistance training increases how we learn and respond to problems. According to the study, “Our body uses neural mechanisms to communicate different actions to the body – to squat, deadlift or bench press, for example – and the use of these during strength training is thought to increase cognitive capacity”. So lift those weights and solve those problems! After having two kids it took me a while to get my act together, but I did. I was a steady gym goer but needed some help with programming and understanding how to work out for my goals. My trainer, Sean Robinson, specializes in HIIT and other types of coaching, developed quick workouts to accommodate my busy schedule. Adjusting my eating was also a huge factor. No need to spend hours in the gym if you’re going to eat like crap. With his advice, I cut out fast food, extra sweets, and dairy. I lost over 50lbs. Have PRs to brag about: Bench 125, Squat 225 and Dead-lift 285. I still have goals to hit and I’m obviously using Serena as my inspiration.

Serena’s 2015 New York Magazine’s Fall Fashion Feature

Speaking of food, it is everything! Chicken & Waffles, seafood gumbo, pancakes, cornbread… I could go on but I won’t cause I’m getting hungry. Other days it isn’t and the struggle to balance the needs vs the wants is real. Be good to yourself and when you do crave something, eat it without judgment, then get back on your workout grind. The real problem is cooking (see image below)

hate cooking.PNG

God Bless those who get down in the kitchen. Where would we be without y’ll.

Now to the coffee. Hi, my name is Danisha and I have an addiction. I am addicted to coffee. Thinking back, this all started after Kamaiyah was born. I wasn’t getting much sleep and my energy was low. What brought me back and gave me life was COFFEE. In the morning when it is still quiet (aka the kids are still sleeping) I put on a fresh pot and drink my 1st cup of the day in silence.

coffee quote

Whether it is Peet’s, Starbucks, Philz, or Blue Bottle. Notice, I did not mention Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Last but not least, I am Beyonce! Like literally, ha! What I mean is that she is the Queen and I stan for her musical, political, and social genius. She has changed the entertainment game, with her bossy lyrics, singing, and unbeatable dance moves. Lemonade dropped this year and literally broke the internet. The Kendrick collabo, the raw and vulnerable storytelling of the breakdown of her marriage to Jay, including what she had to do to move out of her hurt. And of course Formation! This song is an all-encompassing call for women empowerment, working together, standing against police brutality and fully loving ourselves as Black people. She even took it to another level and broadcast her socially conscious, homage to Black Panthers, #blacklivesmatter inspired performance at SB50. She even missed a dance step but her epicness perfectly executed the #beyoncebounce. Whoever made this meme is the real MVP! What have we learned from Beyonce? When life gives you lemons, become Beyonce and create a new dance step if you fall!


Trust me there is never a dull moment – at least that’s what I like to think. When there is, I’ll just change my hair.

About Danisha

Welcome to Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish focuses on the essence and experiences of Danisha Lomax. In true career-mom fashion, she balances being the mother and Spirit Guide to her daughter Kamaiyah and son Ke'aun, while also being a Marketing leader in the corporate advertising space for over a decade. While she enjoys learning new things (yes, she is a polymath), she has a passion for coaching professionals to authentic self-expression. Danisha is continuously seeking to understand so that she can advocate for women and children of color, her community, and young professionals.

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