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The Power of Sisterhood

This year, on the close of Black History Month, I went through the beginning of a life-changing experience. That experience occurred at the Black Enterprise Woman of Power on February 28, 2019, the very first day of my 3-day journey into connecting with accomplished women, who are Black, proud and sharing their magic around the world.

Before sharing, I have to say ‘thank you’ to my Digitas family for nominating and allowing me to be one of the 50 Publicis Groupe delegates. It was an honor and privilege to represent Digitas, and I hope to pass along what I learned to other women during my lifetime.

My time at BEWOP was one of pure excellence that reminded me why the power of virtual sisterhood is so important.  Sometimes, we get so focused on individual causes that we forget about the host of women virtually cheering us on from their own personal corners of the world. To say I was merely inspired by the women at this event is a complete understatement. I spent time at the conference connecting and re-connecting with so many amazing women inside the Publicis organization; women who are slaying it in their personal and professional lives at all levels.

I left the event with new perspectives, invigorated to keep making changes in the world around me.

Coupling the agency connectedness with influential Keynotes and Speaker sessions by Stacey Abrams, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Valerie Jarrett, Richelle Parham, and so many others left me rejuvenated, revived, and ready to increase the charge to drive advocacy and inclusivity across the company and my life.

In the spirit of sisterhood and paying it forward, I am sharing my top 8 memorable quotes from the keynotes and sessions at the conference. These quotes will hopefully spark the same fire in you that it did in me so that you can begin to reposition the ways of thinking and take action.

  1. “Volunteer for everything” – when you have a “yes” and “I can do it even if I don’t know how mindset” your name will begin to be brought up in spaces and places you weren’t expecting.
  2. “Believe you deserve to be in the room”- never doubt your expertise and knowledge
  3. “You can be great at something you don’t love.
  4. “The adventure lies in the zigzag” – we all have been in a place where we felt like our lives should have been different or further along. We prioritize the destination over the lessons learned while on the journey.
  5. “Be a friend that feeds the spirit” – all relationships should have a level of reciprocity. You have to give to get fed. Make sure you are sowing seeds of strength, love, and light into your friendships and relationships.
  6. “Leadership is about lifting people” – leadership is active and determined by how you exercise your power.
  7. “Slay in your lane” – don’t compare your journey and calling to someone else. Your purpose is yours and no one else’s. So own it and shine!
  8. “Better your best” – never feel guilty for bettering yourself. You are your best assets so the more we feed and grow us, the more we are able to feed and inspire others. Remember, you can’t give what you do not have.

About Danisha

Welcome to Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish focuses on the essence and experiences of Danisha Lomax. In true career-mom fashion, she balances being the mother and Spirit Guide to her daughter Kamaiyah and son Ke'aun, while also being a Marketing leader in the corporate advertising space for over a decade. While she enjoys learning new things (yes, she is a polymath), she has a passion for coaching professionals to authentic self-expression. Danisha is continuously seeking to understand so that she can advocate for women and children of color, her community, and young professionals.

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