Personal Journal

The Writing Identity

I write…

To free my thoughts. To clear the air. To create a shared space for learning.

To release the pain so that healing can remain obtained and the once cloudy and crowded space remains foreign.

To affirm the dream. Keep it ever present, alive in me and one day passed down as a legacy. Words can always be seen and spurred into action.

To expose the outdated conventional demands and societal pressures that sometimes creep into my psyche. Reminding myself of their absurdities and that my path is mine.

There was a time, I let those thoughts of mine build up until they soaked up the fresh air. Killed the creativity and almost choked the life out of me, literally.

Never be afraid to speak your mind!

I write…

Because the internal manifestation and evolution of my growth started with how I speak to me. The demonstration of the change matches the external me.

Vulnerability is scary, and with the reflective mirror on me, sometimes I want to give in and resolve to false views of perfection. But then and for me always on time, my words remind me of my purpose



Pick up

My pen.

About Danisha

Welcome to Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish focuses on the essence and experiences of Danisha Lomax. In true career-mom fashion, she balances being the mother and Spirit Guide to her daughter Kamaiyah and son Ke'aun, while also being a Marketing leader in the corporate advertising space for over a decade. While she enjoys learning new things (yes, she is a polymath), she has a passion for coaching professionals to authentic self-expression. Danisha is continuously seeking to understand so that she can advocate for women and children of color, her community, and young professionals.

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