About Me

Hey friend, welcome to my blog + business Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish tells the story of my life experiences as a marketing leader, a dedicated soul, and full-time spirit guide to my children, Kamaiyah and Ke’aun.IMG_20200216_161213_256.jpg

Over the last 13 years, I have built a career in digital and social media, working across corporate, startup, and agency environments and within a variety of verticals. I have led global teams and managed hundred-million-dollar campaigns, yet, with all of my accomplishments, what has been most rewarding is how I embraced bringing my whole self to work from day one. I remember going on my first “real” interview and showing up with honey blonde hair, some fun acrylic nail design, and brown wide leg linen pants. Honey, I was beautiful, black, and proud. I enjoyed getting to know the team and landed the job (shout-out my mom for advocating for me and playing a significant role in getting me the interview). In 2007, I didn’t have the language and perspective I have today, but I know authenticity and connection have always been my superpowers.

My purpose for Authentically Nish is to share all that I’ve learned so that women of color – in corporate spaces looking to break generational curses – can skip the pitfalls and soar authentically and in their purpose.

Friend, as you read, if you come across any “ah-ha” moments or “I wish someone would have told me that”, you’re in the right place. If you are interested in unlocking your super powers and navigating spaces as an empowered woman, let’s roll up our sleeves and do this together!

– xx, Danisha

Founder of Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose, LLC