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Coaching and empowering others is at the heart of my motivations. My work is centered on creating space for underrepresented communities to be themselves, while exceeding their goals and that brings me great joy.

Through my own participation in career and life coaching programs, I understand and emphasize the importance of process. There is simple yet significant life-changing process that can help anyone identify and achieve their goals. I have also come to learn that there’s no one-size, tricks, or tips manual to get where you want to be; you must push your boundaries of authenticity (yes, it’s possible!). Identify and activate your purpose – major key! 

Also, evolve, evolve, evolve. If you’re looking to put in the work, significant personal development can happen because, at your essence, everything you need to be a leader is available to you.

Are you looking to break through corporate spaces and thrive in your career?

Are you ready to activate your superpowers at work and beyond?

Friend, you are in the right place. Through my career journey, as a black woman and digital marketing leader, I deliver a unique point of view, grounded in authenticity, resilience, purpose, and advocacy.

Coaching is all about finding balance amidst career changes. Ultimately, any course or session I provide puts YOU in the driver seat, while creating space for co-creation, accountability and sustainability of your predestined journey.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and ready for a change, let’s get started!

Course & session offerings:

Intake Session

During this 30 minute session, we’ll get to know each other, align on services needed and the best plan forward.


Individual 1:1 Sessions

Sixty minutes of scheduled, individualized time for us to intentionally strategize, plan, and measure your desired trajectory, with a distinct emphasis on the feedback to fuel growth.


5 Career Hacks You Need To Know To Get To The Next Level Course

Are you a recent college graduate looking to land a corporate role? Or, a junior level corporate professional looking to stand out and ultimately get promoted? This course is for you! Each one-hour session will focus on specific areas of growth: Updating your digital footprint, LinkedIn resume + network building, developing your brand story, and strategically create unique opportunities for you to show up and out. If you sign up for this course, the intake session is FREE.


You Will Thank Me Later: Social Media Marketing Course

Are you a small business looking to take your social media presence to the next level? Or are you a career professional looking to improve your social media advertising skills to land that new career? I'm your coach and you NEED this course!


Still, have questions?

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