Use Our Power and Privilege For Good

You don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to appreciate GirlVentures, Julia. At least that’s not what drew me in. I discovered GirlVentures through my work.It only took a 2-hour volunteer workshop with my colleagues to know I wanted to go deeper. Today, less than six months later, I am proudly serving as a mentor for GirlVentures’ Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

GirlVentures gives girls space to figure out and be who they are. As mentors, instructors, volunteers, and donors, we help make that possible.

Our first YAB session confirmed my early impressions of GirlVentures. One member planned to lead a meditation. She was nervous, but she did a beautiful job. When she finished, the room erupted. Everyone celebrated her fully and completely. It was a wonderful moment as a mentor and a cheerleader.

We all have an opportunity to use our power and privilege for good. GirlVentures allows me to use my power and privilege to give back to the community. And you can, too.

Whether you contribute money, skills, time or energy; lend support for a day, a week, or a year – you can give back and make a difference.

I know we’ve asked for your donation this holiday season. And if you can, I encourage you to make a gift. All donations to GirlVentures made by 11:59 p.m. on December 31 will be matched by an anonymous donor. Take advantage and double your impact.

If you can’t, I encourage you to support GirlVentures in another way. VolunteerMentorFundraiseDo what you can, and don’t worry if you don’t own hiking boots.

Happy holidays, and thank you,

Danisha Lomax

Youth Advisory Board Mentor, Vice President and Director of Paid Social, Digitas

About Danisha

Welcome to Authentically Nish, Empower to Purpose. Authentically Nish focuses on the essence and experiences of Danisha Lomax. In true career-mom fashion, she balances being the mother and Spirit Guide to her daughter Kamaiyah and son Ke'aun, while also being a Marketing leader in the corporate advertising space for over a decade. While she enjoys learning new things (yes, she is a polymath), she has a passion for coaching professionals to authentic self-expression. Danisha is continuously seeking to understand so that she can advocate for women and children of color, her community, and young professionals.

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